The Community for Data Integration (CDI) is a dynamic community of practice working together to advance scientific data and information management and integration capabilities in the USGS. This is a publicly available web space managed by community members, and much of the content found throughout this site provides exposure to current thinking of the community. It is provided into the public space to encourage participation and collaboration with the many groups and individuals who are working on similar issues but does not represent official policy of the USGS or the U.S. Government in general.

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h3. Resources

* [CDI Projects and Project Proposals|Projects]
* [CDI 2010 Web Services Survey|USGS Web Services Survey 2010]
* [CDI People|Contacts and Members]

h3. Events

h4. [CDI 2011 Training and Workshop|cdi:2011 CDI Workshop]

*{_}Building Partnerships{_}*
Aug 17-19, 2011
\\  (!) Notes and WebEx recordings are now available

h4. [Full list of workshops and meetings|Workshops and Meetings]

h4. Upcoming events

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h3. Working Groups

h4. [cdi:Citizen Science Working Group]

h4. [cdi:Data Management Working Group]

_2nd Mon/month at 2p ET_
* [Data Best Practices Subteam|Best Practices Focus Group] \- _1st Wed/month at 12p ET_
* [Data Policy Focus Group] \- _1st Mon/month at 1p ET_
* [cdi:Data Management Meeting Subteam] \- _On hold, pending leader_
* [Data Management (i.e., Powell Center) Proposal Writing Team|cdi:BPDM - Powell Center Writing Team]

h4. [cdi:Data Themes Working Group]

h4. [cdi:Technology Stack Working Group]

_Every other Tue at 1p ET_
* [Mobile Applications Development (MAD) sub-group|Mobile Applications Development]
* [ArcGIS Server on the Cloud|Cloud Computing]
* ["Save Map as.."|cdi:Web Application Integration Framework]

h3. Other Teams and Projects

h4. [FY 2010 Data Integration Develop Project Product Owners Team|cdi:FY10 Data Integration Development Projects]

_Coordination of FY10 CDI projects_

h4. [CDI Wiki Improvement Team|cdi:CDI Wiki Improvement Project]

_Formed in December 2010 to improve the CDIWiki_


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