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 SouthEastern Aerosol Research and Characterization Network (SEARCH)

Description: SEARCH is a comprehensive, multi-pollutant network designed to address regulatory and scientific questions related to ozone and its precursors, particulate matter mass and composition, mercury speciation and deposition, wet deposition of acidity and nutrients, and atmospheric visibility.
Status: Active - 1992 to Present
Number of Sites in Program: 8
Number of Sites Registered in GCMP: 8
Point of Contact: Eric Edgerton <>
Program URL:
Data Access URL:
Sponsoring Organization(s): EPRI, Southern Company, other utilities
Management Issue Addressed/Purpose of Sampling: Assist states in meeting PM2.5 monitoring obligations | Gather data for air quality model evaluation | Long-term spatial and temporal trends of particulate matter, mercury, and oxidants
Sampling Frequency: Continuous
Area Sampled: AL, FL, GA, MS
Monitored Parameters: Media Measurement Biological Chemical Physical
  Air Chemical   Metals Meteorological
    Physical   Nutrients  
        Other Chemical  

Last revised 02/12/2016