U.S. Geological Survey Science Data Catalog


USGS Seismic System Comprehensive CAtalogThe U.S. Geological Survey Science Data Catalog is a point of discovery for publicly released USGS data collected at many different scales ranging national to local. The information is used to describe and understand the Earth, minimize losses from natural disasters, manage natural resources, and enhance quality of human life. The data catalog includes catalog searches, map-based discovery of data, and online access to final data and original meta-data.


The USGS Science Data Catalog provides seamless access to USGS research and monitoring data from across the nation. It provides the ability to search, browse, or use map-based interface to discover data. The meta-data is also available.

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The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.