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Biodiversity conservation succeeds only if it has public support, yet many conservation scientists suggest that such support is waning and some fear that the public has lost interest in conservation. Moreover, the public’s limited interest in the environment overall might be overwhelmed by concern over a single issue – that of climate change. To understand whether these views are justified, we evaluated public interest in different conservation- related terms by examining internet search trends. We found that contrary to commonly held opinions, public interest in conservation is in fact rising, and that it is tightly and positively correlated with interest in climate change, indicating that the public pays attention to both topics at the same time.
Worldwide, there are approximately 16,000 remote webcams in nature providing users with an opportunity to view wildlife without charge. In order to understand the monetary value of viewing these wildlife cameras, we examine variations in the vewers' oportunity cost of time to estimate consumer surplus.
Protoype Statistics released by the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis show that outdoor recreation economy accounted for $373.7 billion of current-dollar GDP in 2016.

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