Focus Groups


What Are Focus Groups?
Focus groups involve a structured process in which a number of participants, typically 8 to 12, are asked their opinion on predetermined questions. The goal of focus groups is not to achieve consensus, but rather to get a range of opinions and ideas and to understand perspectives.


Focus groups can be a valuable tool in identifying key stakeholders? attitudes and perceptions, as well as other data on a number of issues related to social science. For instance, focus groups could help assess and measure stakeholder perceptions on different management issues including no-take zones, recreational uses, and economic impacts. Focus groups could also be used as a way to find out what "special places" local residents or indigenous groups value based on cultural, traditional, or historical use. Focus groups are often used in the survey design process.


  • Gathers useful information from multiple individuals with knowledge on a topic.

  • Provides community members with a sense of involvement on a topic they feel strongly about.

  • Supports findings of other methods.


  • Can be time-consuming in preparation as well as in interpretation of results.

  • Limited to a small number of individuals involved at one time.

  • May require facilitation assistance by a skilled facilitator.

  • May be biased through interaction between participants and facilitator.

Expertise Needed

Minimal expertise is needed to organize and conduct informal focus groups. The use of a skilled facilitator can help reduce bias.

Resources: Books and Publications

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Resources: Websites

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