Tune in for our next HD Broadcast: "Combating Wildlife Crime: Toward an Integrated Approach"

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Emily Neidhardt

The National Conservation Training Center and the Natural Resource Program Center's Human Dimensions Branch are excited to announce our next Human Dimensions Broadcast:


"Combating Wildlife Crime: Toward an Integrated Approach"

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

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Around the world, poaching and trafficking of illegal wildlife products is rising. And even though awareness has grown and interventions have increased to address the issue, wildlife populations threatened by this illegal activity continue to decline. Human behavior, specifically non-compliance with wildlife laws and purchasing behaviors, are central to this conservation concern. Motivations for these behaviors are diverse and context-specific, and understanding these variables is imperative to creating successful interventions. A key strategy for targeting non-compliance is law enforcement, which has improved the effectiveness of conservation efforts in many contexts. However, a multi-pronged approach is needed not only to address illegal behavior, but also to reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products. Learn from our expert panelists how to integrate social sciences to create successful interventions.



Meredith Gore, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Fisheries & Wildlife 

Michigan State University


Daphne Carlson-Bremer, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Branch Chief

Combating Wildlife Trafficking Strategy and Partnerships

USFWS, International Affairs


Ryan Noel

Special Agent in Charge

USFWS, Office of Law Enforcement, Northeast Region



Christine Browne, PhD

Human Dimensions Team Lead

USFWS, Natural Resource Program Center

Who should attend this series?
Those working with natural resources and with the public, including law enforcement, conservation employees, biologists, managers, outreach specialists, outdoor recreation planners, and partnership coordinators.

Questions during the broadcast?
Email broadcast@fws.gov or use the built-in LiveStream chat.

Issues with accessing the live broadcast?
Contact the studio at (304) 876-7666 for assistance.


More about this series:
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation addresses the relationship of people to the land and wildlife. In this series, we introduce you to the subject through educational broadcasts. The broadcasts provide up-to-date academic theory and on-the-ground natural resource management examples.  Each broadcast also includes a panel discussion with the host and presenters interacting with viewers through Livestream chat and email.


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