Collaboration Between Tribes and Government Agencies

Commitment to Collaboration: Facilitating Working Groups of Tribes and Government Agencies 

A podcast by Danielle Ross-Winslow

Listen to Richard Arnold and Jeremy Spoon discuss their work facilitating collaborations with tribes and federal land management agencies to conserve nature and culture -- two things we can never really separate. What makes these collaborations successful? This podcast is a follow-up to our last episode, Building Visitor Centers, Building Relationships, below.



Building Visitor Centers, Building Relationships 

A podcast by Danielle Ross-Winslow

In 2012, Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex began designing and building visitor centers for Desert, Ash Meadows, and Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuges. Larger efforts were underway to restore relationships and build partnerships with the seven tribes of Nuwuvi, or Southern Paiutes. The planning and design of the visitor centers was a collaboration with Nuwuvi and the voice of Nuwuvi is woven throughout the exhibits.

See images from the visitor centers below and check out the other stories and resources!

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Photos from Ash Meadows and Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge visitor centers:


Left: Entry at Ash Meadows NWR visitor center; Right: Nuwuvi celebrate the opening of Ash Meadows NWR visitor center. USFWS 



  Left: Exhibits in Ash Meadows NWR visitor center. Angelina Yost, USFWS          Right: Pahranagat NWR visitor center entrance. Timothy Parker, USFWS



Left: The Pahranagat NWR visitor center welcome sign; Right: The Nuwuvi 10 directions exhibit at Pahranagat NWR visitor center. Timothy Parker, USFWS           



Left and right: The Nuwuvi 10 directions exhibit at Pahranagat NWR visitor center. Timothy Parker, USFWs 


Other Stories and Resources:

  • Check out IAP2's Spectrum of Engagement. The spectrum defines the goals for different levels of public participation, the promise to the public at each level, and example techniques.
  • Learn about other ways Desert NWRC has used collaborative process in their interpretive planning and resource management projects. "Desert Refuges and Tribes Build Rapport-and More" by Alyson Mack and Wendy Smith: “Most agencies typically conduct ‘check the box’ consultation, where they often only consult with the tribes as much as dictated by federal laws,” says Spoon. “Our process of both formal and informal consultation and involvement helps build real relationships and achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes.”
  • "Teaming Up to Respect a Sacred Landscape in Nevada", by Amy LaVoie: "Pahranagat [Refuge] is strong and helps shape our cultural landscape. It is made up of delicate resources that are extremely unique to this area and considered special because of what happened here and the power that this place holds," Nuwuvi representatives say.