For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People: An Exploration of the Economic Benefits of National Parks

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Figure 1 ReportThe national parks are for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and have significant benefits that may be personal, social, environmental, and economic. The economic benefits can be expressed in monetary values with job creation and business sales through park tourism, or costs of operations and land aquisition. This article focuses pirmarily on quantifying the benefits assiciated with establishing and maintaining parks. The research methods used in this study do not capture or quantify all relevant values of national parks, however it does quantify the values for which people are willing to make tradeoffs. The two broad economic categories captured in this report are contributions to the economy, and net economic value. Additionally, benefits from ecosystem services are included.

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Most people know that the National Park Service cares for national parks, a network of nearly 400 natural, cultural and recreational sites across the nation. The treasures in this system -- the first of its kind in the world -- have been set aside by the American people to preserve, protect, and share, the legacies of this land.

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Richardson, L., Koontz, L., and Peacock, B. (2018). For the Benefit of the People: An Exploration of the Economic Benefits of National Parks. The George Wright Forum (volume 35, Issue 1). Retrieved from