The Case for Personal Interaction: Drop-off/Pick-up Methodology for Survey Research

Short Description

Response rates for surveys administered by traditional methods has been decreasing. Drop-off/pick-up (DOPU) survey administration is an altermative method that achieves effective response rates in many research situations. The benefits of this survey method include increased local awareness of research projects and improved outcomes for complex survey projects. A challenge of this method is higher costs due to labor and transportation. This article reviews prior instructive works on DOPU survey methods, comparative research on the method, and examines using DOPU for data collection. The article also provides best practices and proposed research situations for using DOPU based on experience.

Suggested Citation

Trentelman, C., Irwin, J., Petersen, K., Ruiz, N., and Szalay, C. (2016). The case for personal interactions: drop-off/pick-up methodology for survey research. Journal of rural social sciences, 31(3) pp. 68-104.