Effectiveness of Wildlife Underpasses and Fencing to Reduce Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

Short Description

This study finds 58% fewer wildlife mortalities from wildlife-vehicle collisions where underpasses and fencing are along highways, and provides additional insight for continuous fencing along highways. The study used cameras and track surveys to evaluate wildlife movement and use before and after constructing wildlife underpasses and additional fencing. Most of the report focuses on deer species, however recommendations are given for design modification for other wildlife species. The study results are to help transportation planners incorporate road design features to mitigate impacts of highways on wildlife, and increase driver safety. This study took place along highway 64 in Washington County, North Carolina.

Suggested Citation

Matthew F. McCollister, Frank T. van Manen "Effectiveness of Wildlife Underpasses and Fencing to Reduce Wildlife–Vehicle Collisions," Journal of Wildlife Management, 74(8), 1722-1731, (1 November 2010)