The Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources in the West: Introduction and Overview

Short Description

The effects of climate change in the western United States are described with a focus on the early 21st century in the Columbia river basin, Sacramento river basin. and Colorado river basin. The project tests quantitative assessments of climate-driven envrionmental impacts and provides valuable information to regional decision-makers dealing with conflicting demands on the water resources of the West. As well, the paper explores the spirit of governmenta agency projects designing ultra-scale climate simulation tools. There are five key concepts that make the project documented in this paper unique, and they are:

  • This assessment was performed as a coordinated project.
  • The global climate model used to produce the climate scenarios is one of the more conservative in terms of climate sensitivity.
  • Emphasis was placed on changes over the next 50 years using multiple model realizations.
  • Results from the global model are down-scaled using regional climate models and statistical techniques.
  • Water resource assessments were focused on three major western river systems: the Columbia, the Sacramento/San Juaquin, and the Colorado river basin.

It is important to note that the project did not consider effects in growth in demand due to population increae and economic growth. Emphasis is on how the effect of climate change on the system as it stands today.

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Barnett, Tim, Robert Malone, William Pennell, Detlet Stammer, Bert Semtner, and Warren Washington. "The Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources in the West: Introduction and Overview." Climatic Change 62.1-3 (2004): 1-11