Evaluating Your Environmental Education Programs: A Workbook for Practitioners

Short Description

The North American Association for Environmental Education created a workbook for practitioners.  Beginning by creating a logic model to focus evaluation efforts, this handbook provides detailed background information and step-by step instructions for creating and implementing an evaluation plan.  The authors discuss the ethics of evaluation including confidentiality, anonymity, and informed consent and provide examples of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools.  Data analysis and presentation with the intent of using findings as communication tools and inputs for program improvement is articulated.  Each of six sections is filled with exercises, worksheets, and examples to assist program planners.  Opportunities to ’check for understanding’ is also part of each section.  The appendix includes a detailed program evaluation case study that illustrates a complete evaluation plan.  This handbook is a comprehensive tool for anyone involved in the creation and evaluation of conservation education programs.

Suggested Citation

Ernst, J., Monroe, M. C, Simmons,B, & North American Association for Environmental Education. (2009). Evaluating your environmental education programs: A workbook for practitioners (1st ed.). Washington, D.C.: North American Association for Environmental Education.