Governance for Effective Policy-relevant Scientific Research: The Shared Governance Model

Short Description

The aspirations of many scientists and policy-makers is that science contributes directly to policy decisions, however there remain crucial gaps. This article outlines features that facilitate the use of science advice in policy making, and reviews major blocks for its use. These blocks include academic freedom and flow of information, values, advocacy, uncertainty, and work cultures and rewards. As well, it looks at governance mechanisms designed to overcome these blocks and compares their strengths and weaknesses. Some of these mechanisms inlcude exchange programs, informal working groups, cooperative research centers, policy scientists, and shared governance. It identifies opportunities to design governance machanisms that fill the crucial gaps by supporting personal relationships that underpin the most effective delivery of science advice for policy.

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Burgman, M. (2015), Governance for Effective Policy-Relevant Scientific Research: The Shared Governance Model. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 2: 441–451. doi: 10.1002/app5.104