Human Dimensions of Wildlife An International Journal

Publication and Source

Human Dimensions of Wildlife An International Journal

Frequency: 6 Issues per Year
Dates: 1996-present 

Short Description

Human Dimensions of Wildlife, which publishes six times annually, is devoted to the study of social considerations in fisheries and wildlife management. The journal provides an open forum for exchange of human dimensions information. There are three primary publication goals of Human Dimensions of Wildlife:

  1.    To provide a forum for the exchange of theories, concepts, methods, findings, and philosophies relevant to human dimensions of fisheries and wildlife management.
  2.    To advance the application of human dimensions information in fisheries and wildlife decision making.
  3.    To provide a focus on the human dimensions of contemporary fisheries and wildlife management issues.

Six types of articles are published in Human Dimensions of Wildlife. These include review articles, theory-focused articles, application-focused articles, methodological articles, thought pieces, and findings abstracts. Other additions to Human Dimensions of Wildlife will also be published as the editors deem appropriate. These include book reviews, rebuttals and rejoinders, discussion forums, and editorials.

Format and Retrieval

Human Dimensions of Wildlife An International Journal can be purchased from Taylor and Francis or through your subscription service agent.  

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The Fish and Wildlife Service works with others to manage and monitor the conservation of wildlife habitats throughout the United States. This includes the direct management of the National Wildlife Refuge System for the wellfare of all American people, and using social science in the decision making process and utilization of management plans.