Incorporating Human Dimensions into Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas

Short Description

The "Think Tank on the Human Dimensions of Large Scale Marine Protected Areas" involved 125 people from 17 countries, and formed to be proactive in understanding the issues and best management practices (including a research agenda) that addressed human dimensions of large scale marine protected areas (LSMPAs). LSMPAs create a number of human dimensions challenges because of their size, complex socio-political realities, and distinct cultural impacts specific to their location. The LSMPAs human dimensions think tank identified best management practices for the human dimensions, including integrations of culture and traditions, public engagement, conflict management, transparency, and social justice/empowerment aspects.  The authors of this publication reflect on this global effort to co-produce knowledge of the human dimensions of LSMPAs, as well as discuss future directions and areas of interest, including community involvement in large-scale marine conservation. 

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NOAA is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere. It plays several distinct roles within the Department of Commerce.

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Christie, P., Bennett, N. J., Gray, N. J., Wilhelm, T. A., Lewis, N., Parks, J,...Friedlander, A. M. (2017). Why people matter in ocean governance: incorporating human dimensions into large-scale marine protected areas. Marine Policy, 84, pp. 273-284. Retrieved from