Indigenous Stewardship Methods and NRCS Conservation Practices Guidebook

Publication and Source

United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. Written collaboratively by the "NRCS/Native Practices Work Group." July 2010.

Short Description

This report shares information on the edible wildflower and grass seeds harvested for food by California and Oregon Indian tribes. It is the result of collaboration between the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology (PAHMA) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Projects such as this are important because they return ethnobotanical knowledge back to Indian tribes; they give us a more complete picture of the indigenous diets in different regions; they substantiate what is reported in the anthropological and historical literature with the physical evidence of plant parts; they give us an idea of the composition of the flora (native and nonnative plant species) in areas where native women gathered seeds. A more complete record of traditional foods can provide a broader diversity of native plants to select from for rebuilding native food systems.

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Full text report available here.

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