A Life-cycle Analysis of Minority Underrepresentation in Natural Resource Fields

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Overall U.S. population trends are not accurately reflected in natural resource careers with regard to racial and ethnic diversity. This article examines 55 scholarly articles across four age groups to identify what drives the skewed representation in this field. Younger groups cited more contextual barriers and self-efficacy. As well, 21 federal natural resource diversity agencies were interviewed to understand variables and challenges influencing the recruitment of minorities. A new framework for career influences is proposed to combine existing theories on social career choise and minority involvement in natural resource activities. However, personal and contextual influences on minority students is a variable that needs to be explored further.

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Haynes, N., Jacobson, S. K. and Wald, D. M. (2015), A life-cycle analysis of minority underrepresentation in natural resource fields. Wildl. Soc. Bull., 39: 228–238. doi:10.1002/wsb.525