Measuring Environmental Education Outcomes

Short Description

This guide is the compiled work of 20 environmental educators participating in a project-based on-line learning community hosted by EECapacity, and sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The authors address long-standing concerns on measuring the impacts of environmental education such as: What are environmental education outcomes?  Short-term vs. long-term outcome measurements, When and how to use qualitative and quantitative approaches, What have students learned that is not on the test? and others.  Using professional experiences, program examples and case studies the authors provide clarification and guidance on each of twelve topics.  Although a different writing team created each chapter, the editor chose to make minimal changes to preserve the voice, style, and perspective of each author.  This guide is helpful for those with some familiarity with program evaluation, but desire additional insight on common issues.

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Retrieved from North American Association for Environmental Education website.

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Alex Russ, A. (Ed).  (2014). Measuring Environmental Education Outcomes.