Multi-scale Habitat Selection Model Assessing Potential Gray Wolf Den Habitat and Dispersal Corridors in Michigan, USA

Short Description

Gray wolves have recolonized much of the northern Great Lakes region, and the population in Michigan's Upper Peninsula may be reaching capacity. Research suggests habitat in Lower Michigan would support wolf packs, though den habitat availability has not been fully assessed. This report creates models forleast-cost dispersal of wolf population identifying over 1900 square kilometers of high quality den habitat. Conservation efforts in these areas may facilitate successful recolonization of gray wolves in northern Lower Michigan.

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Stricker, Heather K.; Gehring, Thomas M.; Donner, Deahn; Petroelje, Tyler. 2019. Multi-scale habitat selection model assessing potential gray wolf den habitat and dispersal corridors in Michigan, USA. Ecological Modelling. 397: 84-94.