Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Informing Decision: From Promise to Practice

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A key element of sustainable population levels and consumption that will secure the current and future human well-being is including ecosystem services and natural capital in the decision-making process. This article examines raising awareness of the interdependence of ecosystems and human well-being, advancing the fundamental interdisciplinary science of ecosystem services, and using this science to restore and use natural capital sustainably. While awareness for and talk about ecosystem services is the highest it's ever been among stakeholders, successfully implementing this science is in it's early stages and more information is needed to generate fundamental changes in decision-making. Areas that we can move forward are demonstrating solid evidence linking decisions about natural capital to human well-being, on-going collaboration with leaders throughout society to integrate natural capital into decision-making, and changing institutional policy and practices to align short-term individual goals with long-term societal goals.

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Anne Guerry et al., Natural capital and ecosystem services informing decisions: From promise to practice.