Nature As Capital: Advancing and Incorporating Ecosystem Services in United States Federal Policies and Programs

Short Description

Ecosystem Services assessed economic value is growing in recognized value for decision-making and avoiding unintended negative consequences while setting policy protecting natural capital for sustainability and resilience. There is a global shift to include natural capital accounting in policies and practices  for governments, academic institutions, private organizations, and financial institutions. In the United States, government agencies and universities are developing applied ecosystem servies concepts with economic objectives which are being incorporated into natural resource planning in anticipation of climate change. To keep the change moving forward, new decison support tools and collaborative research efforts are in high demand, as well as mechanisms to monitor impacts from ecosystem services. These will need a higher level of financial commitment up front, and will likely have broad economic impact and environmental benefits in the long-term.

Suggested Citation

Mark Schaefer et al., Nature as capital: Advancing and incorporating ecosystem services in United States federal policies and programs.