Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account: Prototype Statistics for 2012-2016: Outdoor Recreation Accounts for 2.0 Percent of GDP in 2016

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Outdoor Rec vs Overall GDP 2016Protoype Statistics released by the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis show that outdoor recreation economy accounted for $373.7 billion of current-dollar GDP in 2016.  The outdoor recration economy grew 3.8 percent in 2016 compared to 2.8 percent growth in the overall economy. The satellite account for outdoor recreation is the latest addition to a series of accounts complementing the overall statistics. Other satellite accounts include travel, tourism, arts and culture production which all show more specific details for a closer analysis of specific areas of the economy extracted from the official economic statistics. For the Outdoor Recreation satellite account, gross output is presented by both industry and outdoor recreation activity. Activities are subdivided into three general categories of conventional core activities (biking, hunting, fishing, etc...), other core activities (agritourism, festivals, etc...), and supporting activites (constructions, travel, government, etc...). These categories made up 36.7 percent, 22.1 percent, 41.2 percent respectively.

The Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account (ORSA) measure the outdoor recreation economy and the link between outdoor recreation and the broader United State Economy, and the account was built on Bureau of Economic Analysis' complrehensive supply-use framework. This framework provides tables with details showing the relationships among industries and how each contribute to GDP. In addition to rearrangings existing satellite accounts, a number of private and public data sources were used to identify spending and production in the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account. Two definitions were developed in order to capture the traditional view of outdoor recreation as well as a broader range of activities.

Conventional definition of Outdoor Recreation: all recreational activities undertaken for pleasure that generally involve some level of intentional physical exertion and occur in nature-based environments outdoors.

Broad definition of Outdoor Recreation: all recreational activities undertaken for pleasure that occur outdoors.

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