Perceptions on Negotiation in Behavior in a Global Firm

Short Description

International business negotiations depend on effective negotiations that take place in an environment determined by culture, time, surroundings, place, and people. This study investigates the influence of the international marketing environment, awareness of negotiation skills, interest groups, and atmosphere on negotiation behavior of marketers in a global firm. As well, the study used self-administered questionaires to collect data and assess the impact of negotiation behavior on business agreements based on trust, certainty, and level of business negotiator's commitment. The findings promote guidelines and policies for reasonable government concessions, tax and interest rate strategies, and fair business policies with respect to the benefit for local businesses and goovernment and negotiators involved in international trade negotiation and business practices.

Suggested Citation

Eileen Mazibuko, Noxolo & Mtengwa Burhan, Ahmad. (2016). Perceptions on Negotiation Behavior in a Global Firm. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Annual Review. 11. 71-86. 10.18848/1833-1882/CGP/71-86.