A Planning Approach for Developing Inventory and Monitoring Programs in National Parks

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This document offers some conceptual ideas on how individual parks could plan and implement an Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) program. In several respects, the authors ideas parallel and complement the I&M project planning and development process outlined in the Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Guideline (NPS-75). However, no universal techniques exist for I&M efforts related to ecosystem management. Many different ideas and approaches need to be tested. The ideas in this document describe a research approach that the Pacific Northwest Region is field testing for implementing the guidance that is provided in NPS-75. As the servicewide I&M Program progresses over time, additional approaches will also be field tested elsewhere in the National Park Service.

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Most people know that the National Park Service cares for national parks, a network of nearly 400 natural, cultural and recreational sites across the nation. The treasures in this system -- the first of its kind in the world -- have been set aside by the American people to preserve, protect, and share, the legacies of this land.

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Peterson, David L.; Silsbee, David G.; Schmoldt, Daniel L. 1995. A Planning Approach for Developing Inventory and Monitoring Programs In National Parks. Natural Resources Report NPS/NRUW/NRR-95/16.49 pp