Rise of Populism Affects Wildlife Management in the U.S.

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recent study that analyzed more than 12,000 surveys from 19 states and ballot initiatives related to hunting finds that with growing proportions of mutualists in states, traditionalists are beginning to lose trust in the state fish and wildlife agencies. The lead author on the paper says, "Based on our research, wildlife agencies, which focus on statewide mandates, increasingly engage with people who are mutualists, looking for common ground, and the traditionalists would feel this challenges their influence in policymaking.”

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Suggested Citation

Manfredo, M.J., Teel, T.L, Sullivan, L., and Dietsch, A.M. (2017). Values, trust, and cultural backlash in conservation governance: The case of wildlife management in the United States. Biological Conservation, 214(2017), 303-311.