Sea-Level Rise Modeling Handbook: Resource Guide for Coastal Land Managers, Engineers, and Scientists

Publication and Source

Published through the USGS and prepared in cooperation with the Department of the Interior Southeast Climate Science Center. Available for viewing online as well as PDF download.

Short Description

This handbook is the first comprehensive resource for coastal planners, land managers, and policy makers in the United States and worldwide and provides thorough descriptions of models used to study and predict potential impacts from sea-level rise. It goes into details on contributing factors of sea-level change and highlights data, techniques, and models that aid scientists and engineers in documenting sea-level trends used in forecasting expectations for change in coastal ecosystems and communities. The author's intentions are to provide simple explanations of the complex science that will aid in decision-making among coastal land managers and policy makers.

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Suggested Citation

Doyle, T.W., Chivoiu, Bogdan, and Enwright, N.M., 2015, Sea-level rise modeling handbook—Resource guide for coastal land managers, engineers, and scientists: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1815, 76 p.,