Strong Geographic and Temporal Patterns in Conservation Status of North American Bats

Short Description

Concern is increasing about North American bats due to the spread of White-nose Syndrome disease, and mortality associated with wind turbine strikes. This report is a comprehensive status assessment of 45 species of bats in North America and Mexico. In 2015, it's estimated that up to 31% of the species were at risk and therefore one of the most imperiled mamals in North America. While ecological traits for bats were not strongly associated with their conservation status, nectarivorous bats were shown to be more at risk. While other factors are still unclear, experiences from across North America show that clearly identified threats can be managed and neutralized allowing bat populations to recover.

Suggested Citation

  • G.A. Hammerson, M. Kling, M. Harkness, M. Ormes, B.E. Young, 2017, Strong geographic and temporal patterns in conservation status of North American bats. Biological Conservation 212 (2017) 144–152