Tools of Engagement: A Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation

Publication and Source

Ady, J., Ardoin, N., Coleman, J., Ford, M., Grimm, K., Heimlich, J., Hopkins, M., Jeppesen, G., Mann, L., Merrick, C., Miller, F., Petty, B. & Slavin, Z. (2011). Tools of Engagement: A Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation. National Audubon Society

Short Description

This comprehensive toolkit is a resource for practitioners to engage audiences using tried-and-tested steps, strategies and tools. The content is a result of research conducted using focus groups and surveys with over 600 conservation professionals as well as interviews with 15 conservation leaders and a literature review. The Toolkit is a product of collaboration between National Audubon Society, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Environmental Education and Training Partnership, and TogetherGreen. The Toolkit not only covers the essential steps to successful public engagement, but also a comprehensive list of tools, such as stakeholder analysis, identifying conservation targets, reaching your target audience, creating compelling messages, using social media, creating results chains, and building an evaluation strategy.

Related Partners

The Fish and Wildlife Service works with others to manage and monitor the conservation of wildlife habitats throughout the United States. This includes the direct management of the National Wildlife Refuge System for the wellfare of all American people, and using social science in the decision making process and utilization of management plans.