Visiting and Listening: Meaningful Participation for Alaska Native Peoples in Conservation Projects

Short Description

raditional Territories of Alaska Native CulturesThis is a user-friendly guide for managers and specialists working in conservation planning in Alaska designed to improve participation for Alaska Natives. It creates a framework to be used by professionals unfamiliar with Alaska's cultural history and experienced specialists to increase meaningful partifipation in conservation planning for Alaska Native people. The guide goes through all of the following:

  1. Who are Alaska Native People
  2. Buidling blocks for, and how to facilitate meaningful participation
  3. Recommendatioins and future steps
  4. Alaska history, land status, and native cultures

The guide focuses on recommendations from a 2010 interview study on Alaska Native peoples’ involvement in conservation planning. It provides readers with a basis for enhancing communication, relationships, and involvement of Alaska Native peoples in planning and other conservation or resource management projects.

Format and Retrieval

The guide may be access through the link above, or a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main concepts can be viewed here

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