Wildlife Disease and Risk Perception

Short Description

Risk perception, especially health risk, is an important influence on wildlife management. To promote knowledge of public understanding of disease risks with regard to wildlife disease management, we mailed a questionaire to a sample across the continental United States to

  1. assess zoonotic disease risk perceptions,
  2. identify sociodemographic factors underlying these risk perceptions, and
  3. exomine the relationship between risk perception and agreement with wildlife disease management practices.

The four most important variables associated with disease risk perception were gender, education, prior exposure to the disease, and concern for health effects. There is particular concern for the vulnerability of wildlife to zoonotic disease and for protection of wildlife health.

Suggested Citation

Shauna L. Hanisch-Kirkbride, Shawn J. Riley, and Meredith L. Gore (2013) Wildlife Disease and Risk Perception. Journal of Wildlife Diseases: October 2013, Vol. 49, No. 4, pp. 841-849