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Citizen Science: Engaging public participation in environmental research to meet shared conservation goals. Presented by Carolyn Enquist, US-Nat'l Phenology Network and the Wildlife Society & Jana Newman and Janety Ady, USFWS.
This toolkit gives professionals everything to effectively crowdsource data. It includes a step by step guide, case study models, catalog of federally sponsored projects, access to a citizen science community, and a resource library.
The mountain portal is an interactive web platform provided by the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment of Future Earth and developed by Map of Life. Users can explore and download growing lists of mountain ranges and expected species. Data can then be used for a multitude of projects.
This article discusses the impressive contributions that citizen scientists have made to monarch conservation research.
This article discusses how citizen scientists play an important role in conservation outreach and provides findings showing a link between participation in citizen science and involvement in conservation.
This article presents the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project as a useful citizen science approach to engaging both youth and adults in monitoring activities.
This workshop report summarizes the development of a citizen science framework for use by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Crowdsourcing and citizen science help federal agencies to innovate, collaborate and discover.
Citizen Science Framework Review - Informing a Framework for Citizen Science within the US Fish and Wildlife Service (and addendum). Jennifer Shirk & Rick Bonney.
While many studies are using citizen science data, this report examines socioeconomic factors that may influence these records as much if not more than considerations for the coyote's habitat and behavior. The article explores how land managers can account for and use these factors to increase their understanding of coyote-human interactions and monitoring conflict developments.