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Freshwater mussels may lack charisma, as they look like nothing more than rocks. But that belies the natural wonders of their life-history and their incredibly important role in the ecology of streams and the people and economies that rely on the same water.

This article discusses the impressive contributions that citizen scientists have made to monarch conservation research.
This article discusses how citizen scientists play an important role in conservation outreach and provides findings showing a link between participation in citizen science and involvement in conservation.
This book summarizes recent developments in scientific research around monarch biology, conservation and outreach.
Public engagement is a key role in developing and implementing laws and policies, and managers continually seek ways to increase involvement from stakeholders. This case study examines a Wyoming Game and Fish Department plan for managing its portion of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population, and the perception of the role of each stakeholder by the other stakeholders affected the plan.
This article discusses the potential for invertebrates, particularly butterflies, to be used as flagship species.
The article covers key events in the awareness and protection of the monarch butterfly, the role of the butterfly as a 'boundary object', and the general power the species has to mobilize people and instigate policy discussion.
Much of the land in Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Reserve is owned by agrarian communities. This article discusses research done to determine what factors, such as the presence of community institutions and political contexts, influence forest conservation. Findings show that tensions between different levels of institutions, from state to community, hinder forest conservation.
Shauna Ginger
By Anna Harris

From field stations to headquarters and from social scientists to stakeholders, the human dimensions of natural resources play a major role in conservation! We all have different attitudes, beliefs, and values stemming from our personal backgrounds, interests and experiences. One of the best ways to bridge gaps, understand our audiences and grow as a conservation agency is to take a moment to get to know each other!

Credit Joshua Booker, USFWS

Texas is legendary for its big personalities, heated conflicts, and, most of all, the pride Texans have for their State.  The Georgetown salamander is one of these native Texans and it depends on the people of the City of Georgetown for its survival.  Fortunately, the City of Georgetown and the Service are working together to ensure this species is protected.


Texas Heritage