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The conservation community is talking a lot about barriers to hunting, especially for people living in urban areas and those who are underrepresented in the activity, including people of color and women. But what if the hunter stereotype itself is the biggest barrier?
A how-to guide for effective printed materials compiled by the National Park Service as part of the Community Toolbox.
As the United States continues to diversify, it is evermore important for us to learn and useeffective strategies to engage diverse audiences. In this issue, we give you an overview of the facts, strategies, and resources you need to do so.
If we want people to conserve fish, wildlife and habitats, we must better understand how to engage with our audiences and effectively communicate with them.
Citizen Science: Engaging public participation in environmental research to meet shared conservation goals. Presented by Carolyn Enquist, US-Nat'l Phenology Network and the Wildlife Society & Jana Newman and Janety Ady, USFWS.
During this broadcast, you will be introduced to the Aldo Leopold's "land ethic", a moral responsibility of humans to the natural world.
This report examines promoting engagement of local older adults in places they already congregate, in order to better understand health conccerns, challenges of aging, and how this interacts with pursuit of a healthy leisure lifestyle.
This free PDF book discusses why, despite the best intentions, so many presentations miss the mark on engaging, educating, or persuading their audiences.
Survey response rates have been in decline, and researchers have been exploring an alternative survey method to increase participation. Drop-off/Pick-up (DOPU) has performed well in many circumstances, though it has a higher cost than mail surveys. This article reviews the DOPU method and which circumstances yield positive results.
This report is an in-depth analysis based on research and experience-based knowledge for engaging young adults ages 18-25 in the design of new initiatives in National Parks and other special places.