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The seven Essential Principles of Ocean Literacy are listed in this document with those concepts that most relate to MPA Center resources highlighted in blue. Resource boxes showcase the MPA resources that illustrate each concept.
The Sustainability Literacy Test (Sulitest) is designed to measure sustainability literacy worldwide by providing citizens and organizations with relevant assessment tools, which is part of promoting and advocating for education on sustainability and sharing meaningful information and data with researcher, educators, and other stakeholders.
In this paper, Martha Monroe discusses two avenues for influencing behavior to become more environmentally responsible: social marketing and environmental literacy through educational programs.
Surveys from 2002, 2004, and 2008 are used to summarize environmental literacy in Minnesota, as well as show a breakdown based on demographics.
Citizen Science Framework Review - Informing a Framework for Citizen Science within the US Fish and Wildlife Service (and addendum). Jennifer Shirk & Rick Bonney.