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Higher parks and recreation spending was associated with better self-rated health. The relationship held for adult men and women, but not youth. Increasing Contributions to parks and recreation may improve public health.
Answers to these and related questions require conceptual frameworks that account for the vulnerability of coupled human–environment systems with diverse and complex linkages. Various expert communities have made considerable progress in pointing the way toward the design of these frameworks (10, 11). These advances are briefly reviewed here and, drawing on them, we present a conceptual framework of vulnerability developed by the Research and Assessment Systems for Sustainability Program (http://sust.harvard.edu) that produced the set of works in this Special Feature of PNAS.
The course is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students from wilderness professionals, outdoor recreational planners and educators, to members of conservation groups and interested citizens. It is one of four courses leading to a graduate certificate in Wilderness Management.
Clean energy technology has changed dramatically and is rapidly expanding over the last decade. While many advances are now possible on a large scale, individual areas globally still struggle with its development and production. This paper evaluates several cases where Western clean energy technology was exported to the East, and the situation it created in the local economy and for the Eastern and Western governments.
Water Crises and Governance critically examines the relationship between water crises and governance in the face of challenges to provide water for growing human demand and environmental needs.
Energy development in rural parts of the western United States are opportunities for rational analysis of economic benefits and associated problems.
The video archive contains seminars exploring specific policy practices and case studies.
The report presents findings on the large civilian benefits for how Global Positioning System (GPS) is incorporated into industries, technologies, and sectors of the economy. The report is a step toward a comprehensive understanding of the real economic value being delivered and the implications of actions to update the availability of GPS interface or spectrum sharing adjustments, which helps inform policy analysis and changes.
The list of tools includes models and support mechanisms for predicted events and observed affects of weather and climate on a variety of agricultural settings.
This news release from the United States Department of Agriculture announces the 2011 America's Great Outdoors Progress Report.