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A resource on supporting walking and bicycling for national parks and their partners.
This article focuses on Generation Y, also commonly referred to as the Millennials. Through a scoping study of published research to 2017, we explore how Generation Y experiences, views, and is influenced by natural areas of high conservation value.
This report evaluates geotagged photographs taken and posted to social media by members of the public to lakes show that improved water clarity is associated with an increased numbers of recreational visits to lakes, demonstrating the potential for social-media data to inform socio-ecological research.
This paper examines the planning and implementation of the national visitor planning model's initial phases in three specific areas in the Aysen region, and discusses important strengths and weaknesses of the plan.
Providing an managing visitor experiences in our parks, refuges and other natural areas can be both a challenge and an opportunity, as we strive to enhance the public's connection with the outdoors and balance it with conservation.
In this podcast, we'll explore the basic principles and strategies of visitor use management, and the simple, accessible tools-you-can-use to effectively tackle projects involving visitor use of protected areas.
The editors of A Thinking Person's Guide to America's National Parks have created a complete set of free teaching materials for a course titled "Introduction to America's National Park System: Managing the Natural and Cultural Heritage of a Changing Nation." This 24-lesson course uses the book as the core text, and each lesson includes research questions that students explore via the National Park Service's website. The course covers the full variety of resources in America's national parks—and the challenges of managing them.
Spending time outdoors provides many physical and mental benefits, and time in nature is especially important for the development and well-being of youth. This case study looks at the barriers to accessing outdoor programs, and examines solutions for addressing each.
The framework provides a flexible process for managing visitor use on federally managed lands and waters
This publication is a an evaluation of the planning objectives written into Comprehensive Conservation Plans for the National Wildlife Refuge System.