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Our Coast Our Future (OCOF) is a collaborative, user-driven project focused on providing coastal California resource managers and land use planners with locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms.
The NatureServe Data, Maps & Tools collection is the place to find the data on the status and location of species and ecosystems, tools that support data use and analysis, and scientific and technical expertise.
The purpose of this literature review is to summarize and synthesize the available information regarding the impacts of socioeconomic factors on coastal and watershed restoration in the Puget Sound, Wash. This review revealed that socioeconomic factors play an important role in determining the designation, process, and success of restoration projects. This review is divided into several sections, each addressing a different socioeconomic topic area related to restoration.
An Internationally Recognized Journal Covering Economic and Policy Analysis of: Seafood Marketing and Trade, Marine and Coastal Recreation,Fisheries Conservation and Management, Coastal Land Use and Watershed Management, Non-Market Valuation, and Aquaculture.
These pages provide access to water-resources data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.