CTAM- Coastal Transects Analysis Model


CTAM is a simple visualization and decision-support tool that helps coastal managers, policy makers, coastal communities and other stakeholders in addressing multiple present and future demands in coastal areas. CTAM describes and analyzes, in a simplified fashion, the complex interactions between natural and human systems. The current emphasis of the tool is on the interaction between fishing and other coastal activities on fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. 

CTAM is user-friendly with interactive features and attractive visualization. For the basic model, data required are "descriptive" such as physical characteristics of the coasts, existing habitats and resources, general information about fishing and other coastal activities, management measures and coastal issues. An interactive image of coastal transects is generated as users describe their coasts. Each coastal area is classified based on their characteristics into one transect type, which can then be compared with others around the world. This comparative capability enables learning and sharing of knowledge among stakeholders, making CTAM a useful participatory tool for coastal planning and decision-making. Detailed information about the coast is required for the advanced model, in order to describe and analyze flows of resources, cash and labor in coastal areas. Specifically, model users are asked to provide data (often as percentage or relative weights) related to habitats, fisheries (such as catches, number of fishers, number of boats, etc.), as well as information about distribution of catches, ownership of boats and origin of crew members. The results from the advanced CTAM are animated changes in the size of fish pool (representing the interconnectivity between fisheries and other coastal activities) and arrows showing flows of fish, cash and labour related to different types of fisheries (e.g., small-scale, large-scale, inshore, offshore). CTAM is a free on-line, interactive tool available for all Internet users.

What Is It?

Stakeholder engagement and outreach tool (for participatory goal and priority setting and stakeholder education)

Modeling and analysis tool

  • Socioeconomic model

Decision support tool

  • Coastal zone management tool


  • Tool is web based

  • Tool handles socio-economic impacts


  • Works only when using Mozilla FireFox Web browser

Expertise Needed

Technical expertise: Basic computer skills sufficient

Scientific expertise: General understanding of issues

Equipments Needs: FireFox Web browser

Types of Data Needed


How Do I Get It?

Website: http://www.incofish.org/CTAM/index2.htm

Tool cost: Free

Contact Information

Developer: Coastal Development Centre, Thailand

Tool contact: Ratana Chuenpagdee

Email: ratanac@mun.ca

Phone: 709-737-3157

Address: Department of Geography, Memorial University, St. John's, Canada, A1B 3X9


Technical Support: Tutorial