Energy Resources Program


Assessment Summary Maps/TablesThe Energy Resources Program of the US Geological Survey is home to current energy studies, projects, maps, and data archive. The Energy Resource Program is part of the US Geological Survey Energy and Minerals Mission Area conducting research and assessments on mineral and energy resources and their economic and environmental effects of extraction and use.

EnergyVision serves as a graphics-based map portal to access maps and geospatial data through a dashboard of pre-defined tools that can be customized to enhance user map display and expedite access to maps of energy resources. The energy resources include oil and gas, wind turbines, geothermal potential, and others. The display tools for historical US oil and gas production, geothermal assessment summaries, and geologica maps of North America, and the national coal resources data system.

National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) began as a cooperative venture between the USGS and state geological agencies in 1975 focusing on stratigraphy and chemistry of coal. Currently, it includes a historical database of coal resource estimates prior to 1978, the USCHEM database of trace-element samples collected by the USGS and states, and the USTRAT data collection related to coal drill holes and measured sections.

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The Energy Resources Program also houses the USGS Energy Data Finder.

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GIS is a compilation of hardware, software, and data that enables users to manipulate, analyze, and display geographically referenced information. GIS is used to document human use patterns, identifying culturally sensitive areas, prioritizing regions for additional public access, or highlighting demographic trends within a community.

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