Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to support research based on crowd source information. Additionally, the toolkit provides access to other research professionals and citizen science projects through its community links and interactive project map.

How To: Step by Step leads through the five basic steps to plan, design, and carry out crowdsourcing research. These steps include scope of problem, project design, build a community, manage data, and sustain and improve.

Project Catalog is a map of federally sponsored projects via Commons Lab.

Case Studies provides a library of projects that model success stories and challenges to consider while planning a project.

Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Community is a community of federal researchers and professionals who meet monthly to share experiences, compare best practices, and expand the possibilities with citizen science.

Resource Library provides a list of links to all the supporting documents found throughout the larger toolkit for every aspect of conducting a citizen science project.


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Observation is an information-gathering technique based on personal or recorded observation through systematic documentation of visible social activity and behavior.

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