GMBA Mountain Portal Tool for Biodiversity


Mountain PortalCollecting, consolidating, and standardizing biodiversity data in mountain regions is important for improving the current understanding of biodiversity patterns and predicting future trends. This tool defines what a mountain is, where they are in the world, and what species are currently found in the mountains, which are inventoried and published. The Mountain Portal tool is an open source, interactive platform that maps approximately 60,000 species across different organismic groups from over 1,000 mountain ranges. The user can explore and download lists of mountain ranges and species, which can then be used for mechanistic studies or to develop indicators in sustainability research, among other things.

Expertise Needed

This tool can be used by everyone: laymen, citizen scientists, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

How Do I Get It?

The Mountain Portal is available online.

Contact Information

Questions concerning the Mountain Portal should be directed here.