Keypad Polling


Keypad polling is an audience response system software that provides a number of key polling and meeting support tools used to enhance training and decision making. A question from the facilitator or a participant is posed on a screen with a series of possible answers. Each participant, equipped with a wireless keypad, responds based on their own knowledge, opinions or following discussion in their small group. Responses are automatically and instantly tallied and the results are displayed on screen. The process is transparent and immediate and everyone, participants and leaders, can see the group's response to the question. Based on the response, the moderator can change the direction of the meeting, or go into greater depth based on the level of understanding the group shows.

Keypad Polling is extremely effective in helping groups reach lasting and strongly supported decisions. Keypad polling changes the engagement level of everyone in a meeting. Participants are energized because they feel effective, heard, and understood; leaders know what people are really thinking.

What Is It?

Stakeholder engagement and outreach tool (for participatory goal and priority setting and stakeholder education)

Types of Data Needed

Types of output data from tool: Anonymous polling of meeting participants with instantaneous results. Reports include the ability to cross-tabulate any pooling responses with any others.

How Do I Get It?

Providers websites:

Tool Cost: Costs of using keypad polling are highly variable and depend on whether an organization decides to purchase its own hardware or software, use a shared system, or hire a consultant to provide the hardware/software and support services.

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