The integrated modeling system at the heart of MetroQuest allows stakeholders to instantly see the connections between choices and consequences as they explore alternative future scenarios. Its user friendly, visually engaging interface allows stakeholders and citizens to make sense of the complex inter-relationships and the trade-offs required to create a clean, prosperous and livable future.

MetroQuest workshops help progressive communities consider their alternatives with respect to a wide range of growth management issues ranging from land use planning and infrastructure spending to transportation and air quality. Our workshops are tailored to your community's priorities, and our software can be configured with local statistical and spatial data.

What Is It?

Stakeholder engagement and outreach tool (for participatory goal and priority setting and stakeholder education)

Visualization tool (for data and scenarios)

Decision support tool


  • Visualization capabilities: Real time, dynamic ability to translate complex concepts into understandable images

Expertise Needed

Technical expertise: Basic computer skills sufficient

How Do I Get It?


Demo Website:

Tool cost: Wide range depending on services component

Contact Information

Developer: Envision Sustainability Tools Inc.

Tool contact: Matthew Colclough


Phone: 604.225.2007

Address: Suite 300 - One Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1B2


Projects that have used this tool: Chicago's GoTo2040, imagineCALGARY, Denver2040, Lethbridge's