MINOE is a new tool to help navigate existing laws and regulations (and associated agencies) in an ecosystem context. The tool allows users to construct (or import) an ecosystem model representing elements and relationships of interest to the user. The tool then outputs the laws and regulations containing the ecosystem elements and relationships. It also outputs (and marks in red) those ecosystem relationships that are not explicitly addressed in any law or regulation. Each element is defined by the user with a set of terms or phrases. Additional features in this beta version include: 1) viewing list of documents that contain ecosystem element or ecosystem relationship, 2) viewing agencies in charge of relevant documents, 3) statistical tests of similarity between ecosystem model and related law/regulation matrix, and 4) visualization module to graphically explore data.

What Is It?

Stakeholder engagement and outreach tool (for participatory goal and priority setting and stakeholder education)

Modeling and analysis tool - Other modeling and analysis tool

Visualization tool (for data and scenarios)

Decision support tool

  • Coastal zone management tool
  • Fisheries management tool
  • Coastal and watershed land use planning tool


  • Tool has a GUI available

  • Tool handles socio-economic impacts

  • Visualization capabilities: interactive and dynamic network diagrams, interactive bar graph, interactive matrix

Expertise Needed

Technical expertise: Basic computer skills sufficient

Scientific expertise: General understanding of/Some scientific background necessary

Types of Data Needed

Types of data input needed to use tool: conceptual ecosystem model

Input formats: matrix, terms and phrases

Types of output data from tool: Counts of laws and regulations, agency responsibility, text of laws, visualization of laws, gaps in laws

Output formats: Numeric, bar charts, network diagram, matrix

How Do I Get It?

Website: http://www.minoesoftware.com/

Tool cost: Free

Contact Information

Developer: Stanford University

Address: 473 Via Ortega, Civil & Environmental Engineering, 228 Y2E2, Stanford, CA 94305-4020


Technical support: user manual, developer available for consultation