Sulitest - a Test to Measure & Improve Sustainability Literacy


The purpose of the Sulitest is to improve and measure Sustainability Literacy Worldwide by providing people and organizations with internationally recognized and regionally relevant assessment tools, and promoting and advocating for education on sustainable development and sharing meaningful information and data with researchers, educators, and other relevant stakeholders. By creating the test and using it, global citizens who are sustainability literate are developed who are engaged and committed to making informed and responsible decisions collectively.

What Is It?

The Sustainable Literacy Test (Sulitest)is a multiple choice questionaire available on-line. In order to understand trends from regions around the globe and to allow organizations and candidates to benchmark at a worldwide level, 30 of the questions come from the same database in international questions and are identical for all users. An additional 20 questions are specialized to reflect local, regional, and cultural specifications.

  • Questions assess an individual's current knowledge of Sustainable Development (SD), but they also teach and inform.
  • The overall experience of taking the test should help learners "understand the big picture" as well as be inspired by stories and facts while avoiding a list of figures without connections made between them.
  • A test that does not overwhelm the candidate with too many questions.
  • Unique test sessions consisting of a Core Module of international questions, Specialized Module of local questions, and Surveys gathering socio-demographic data.

There are a couple ways to deliver the test and gather and assess data. If the test is given in "learning mode," users answer the questions and the correct answers are then provided with sources and reference links to take their learning further. The duration of the exam is determined by the examiner, and in "learning mode" could take several weeks and allow the user to stop and come back to it several times. In "exam mode" candidates have a more limited amount of time to complete and pass the test, and results can be used to benchmark and evaluate learning to validate a course, or diagnose changes and improvements regarding certain topics or issues. 

How Do I Get It?

Contact Sulitest to use the tool. Pricing for use by students, organizations, and professionals are listed on their website.

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