Thoughtful Advice on Academic Writing


This is a four part advice series entitled "Are You Writing?" found in The Chronicle of Higher Education. These articles are meant to look at academic writing with the objective of keeping it a healthy portion while balancing work, life, and leisure.

A New Series on Scholarly Productivity: Are You Writing? is a light-hearted introduction to the challenges and approaches to scholarly writing, and a tongue-in-cheek quiz determining if these articles could benefit you.

The Worst Writing Advice in the World challenges the idea suggested by many scholars of waking up extra early everyday to write 2-4 hours before starting the workday. Instead, this article makes a case for a handful of short, focused writing sessions throughout the regular workday.

Don't Spend Your Holiday Break Writing highlights the quality of life benefits from leaving the writing and work behind on scheduled vacations. The article dives into time management cliches and steps to remain caught up and avoid having a work cloud hanging over leisure time or vacations.

The Hardest Part of Writing is Restarting acknowledges the challenges of starting a writing project, and re-starting a writing project that has been left stagnant. The article provides insight on sorting out why the project was put aside, and do the work to resolve and move forward exploring an approach called the "Daily 15" to make the task approachable.