Townsquare connects people, planning and ideas. It's an easy and cost-effective suite of web-based tools to coordinate staff; expand collaboration, data sharing and analysis; and engage communities in understanding and participating in complex planning concepts and processes.

  • Extend your staff resources and save valuable time
  • Connect local and regional initiatives and plans
  • Integrate issues, values and priorities
  • Emphasize place-based information
  • Improve targeted analysis
  • Educate citizen-planners
  • Elevate community decision making

Townsquare was developed by planners, for planners. MIG developed Townsquare based on over 20 years of experience - so it offers exactly the tools you need, all in one place. And it's accessed through the web so everyone can participate, in offices, libraries, community centers and their own homes. With Townsquare, you create:

  • A news and information website
  • An interactive digital library
  • A searchable, dynamic knowledge-base
  • A project management portal (Intranet or Extranet)
  • An engaging community forum
  • An online mapping service

What Is It?

Stakeholder engagement and outreach tool (for participatory goal and priority setting and stakeholder education)

Decision support tool

  • Coastal zone management tool
  • Hazard assessment and resiliency planning tool
  • Coastal and watershed land use planning tool

Project management tool (for budgeting, scheduling, reporting, etc.)


  • GIS based, GIS platform: MapServer (open source - UMN) 

  • Tool is web based

Expertise Needed

Technical expertise: Basic computer skills sufficient

Scientific expertise: General understanding of issues

How Do I Get It?


Tool cost: $12,000.00 - 30,000.00 initial website setup, $1,200.00 - 4,800.00/year hosting & maintenance

Contact Information

Developer: MIG, Inc.


Phone: 510.845.7549


Technical support: user manual, phone/webex training, developer available for consultation, paid consultants available, user hot-line/help desk, help file

Projects that have used this tool: