UCINET Sociel Network Analysis Software


The software was created in the 1980s by Lin Freeman as a set of network analysis programs written by different people and put together in a set of diskettes with documentation. They were all written in different languages with different input and output formats. The software is currently in its sixth iteration and can be run using Windows Vista or later. The softawre can be run on Mac or Linux through BootCamp, VMFusion Ware, Parallels, or wine. Inpractice, the system procedures are limited to about 5000 nodes depending on specific analysis and sparseness of the network.

How Do I Get It?

The software can be obtained here, including a free 90-day trial package. The software is available in single user, multi-user, and bulk license agreements starting at $40 for full-time students.

Related Methods

Social network analysis is a method that is used to collect, analyze, and graphically represent data that describe the relationships within and between groups of people or organizations. It can also be used to represent how people interact with specific resources.

Contact Information

For customer support (e.g., ordering info, billing etc) contact roberta@analytictech.com. For tech support join the users group or contact support@analytictech.com. We prefer you try the users group first since the answer to your question may benefit others.


Tutorials and set-up information can be found here.