U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit


The Climate Resilience Toolkit is a web portal coordinated by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Council on Environmental Quality in conjunction with several other federal agencies. You'll find a collection of information, scientific tools, and expertise to help manage climate-related issues. These tools can be used for managing risk, identifying opportunities, and resilience in extreme climate-related events. The tools include maps,  resource atlases, mapping software, biofuel and bioenergy data sets, carbon tracking and storage, and many more resources for cities and adaptation. Additionally, there is a collection of case studies, topic narratives, and training courses which support the maps and climate tools. Managers will find a comprehensive 5-step process for identifying, researching, and taking action to achieve resilience.

What Is It?

Types of Data Needed

Many of the tools and resources already have data sets included, however additional climate-related data can be found at data.gov.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, and additional information please contact U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit managers.