Embracing the Cultural Diversity of Our Visitors and Stakeholders


Presented by Myron Floyd, PhD, North Carolina State University, Professor/Director of Graduate Programs, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management.; Iantha Gantt-Wright, MSA Founder and President of The Kenian Group; Lamar Gore, USFWS, Northeast Regional Office, Chief, Diversity and Civil Rights. An effective conservation strategy includes engagement of people within diverse populations. To be relevant, we need to be innovative, resourceful and also respectful of what’s important to the people we are attempting to reach. Welcoming all groups and individuals, including those who traditionally may not be as directly connected. In this broadcast, we will more clearly define what we mean by diversity which encompasses culture, ethnicity, economics, age, gender, ability, and explore ways to foster inclusion for conservation. The broadcast also includes an interactive round table discussion with the host and viewers asking the panel about their experiences with embracing diversity for conservation.